When we acquired the land for Full Expression Farm in 2010, we only knew that we wanted to heal the land.  Using Joel Salatin's Polyface Farm as inspiration, we purchased a herd of Black Angus cows that had been raised on grass and started rotationally grazing them on the property.  As we have continued to improve our practices, the land has continued to heal.  We've added chickens and sheep to the mix, each species adding its own special value to the land. We are always looking to add to the diversity and health of the property. 

Keeping our vision alive & well

Farm Owners

Carolyn & Ken Barth

Our Land

Full Expression Farm is 250 acres of rolling hills & wooded creek beds located in the country between Trenton & Leonard, Texas.  There are 2 small lakes on the property, a farmhouse, trailer, and barn.  Many native pecan trees shade the property and we have a small orchard of peach, apple, plum & fig trees.

Our resources

We belong to several organizations that support our vision including the Weston A Price Foundation, Holistic Management International and the American Herbataurus Society.

Our Vision

We are working to return our land to native blackland prairie, using managed grazing of livestock to create a sustainable, drought-tolerant environment for producing healthy nutrient dense food.