Full Expression Farm Guiding Principles

A Foundation of Healthy Soil:
We constantly strive to enhance the biodiversity and mineral balance in the soil.  Happy microbes and
rich biological life is the basis of nutrient dense foods.

Healthy soil = healthy plants = healthy animals = healthy people.

Nature Obeyed: Observing and respecting nature allows us to take advantage of the wisdom in creation and foster the full expression of our animals. We encourage the unique characteristics of each species rather than forcing them into situations against their nature.
​Grass-based/Solar powered:
Animals on pasture, moved frequently, harvest the power of the sun, providing a healthier environment for the animals and improving the land.
Full Expression:  
We provide our plants and animals conditions that allow for full expression of their physical characteristics.  Respecting and honoring each animal creates synergistic opportunities for a happy and healthy system.
Creative Sustainability:
We strive to constantly improve our products and processes, using creative thinking to enhance the quality of life for the people and animals here.  We are in this for the long haul and make decisions that conserve our resources.  We manage holistically to enhance our planet (environment), our people (community) and our profits (economics).
​Ever Increasing Quality:
We do not compromise on quality, even as we grow. As a showcase—a  place people come to learn how to produce nutrient dense foods and heal the land—we uphold the highest standards.