Guard Animals

Mack is our rescue guard dog.  He keeps the sheep safe!

The Sheep

We have a flock of  100% grass fed  Katahdin Hair sheep

The Cows

We have a herd of 100% grass fed Black & Red Angus.

    Raising Nutrient Dense Foods while healing the land

Heal the land while allowing the full expression of all our animals

our mission:

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Full Expression Farm currently raises 100% grass-fed beef, 100% grass-fed lamb, free-range pastured laying hens, and native pecans.  Everything works together in a natural system.  Pecan trees provide shade for the cows, sheep, and chickens, who then fertilize the pasture and trees, and the poultry control pests and parasites that might harm the pecans and cattle.  Holistically managed grazing moves the animals around the property almost daily, benefiting the health of the animals while improving the quality of forage and protecting against drought.  We practice local, sustainable and organic principles to create a happy healthy environment on our farm.


Happy Healthy soil for Happy Healthy animals Means Nutrient Dense food for Happy Healthy people!